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Brexit: UK-EU trade talks to resume over 'critical issues'

Negotiators will talk on Sunday, but "significant differences" between the two sides in post-Brexit trade talks remain.

Covid: NHS rapid test use defended amid accuracy concerns

The tests introduced in England's tier-three areas are a "game-changer", a senior NHS adviser says.

Covid: William and Kate plan train tour to thank key workers

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will travel the UK to thank frontline staff and community workers for their work during the pandemic.

Asteroid capsule located in Australian desert

A recovery team has found a capsule carrying the first significant quantities of rock from an asteroid.

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BBC news for Devon

Newton Abbot drug arrests after death of 17-year-old boy

Three teenagers are in custody on suspicion of supplying of drugs, police say.

Plymouth slave trader square name change to go ahead

The square will be renamed after a black Plymouth Argyle player who joined the club in 1921.

Divers to clear 1,000 tyres from Plymouth Sound

Archaeologists have predicted there could be 1,000 tyres on the seabed of Plymouth's harbour.

Marine instructor jailed for rape of teenage cadet at Cornish camp

Paul Ruth, 55, is already serving a jail sentence for abusing boys.