BBC news for Devon

Devon and Cornwall Police urge people not to panic buy fuel

There is no shortage of fuel but queues could impact on emergency services, police said.

New woodlands created in tree planting drive

The national scheme will plant new woodlands along rivers in six areas.

Extinction Rebellion: Paralympian James Brown jailed for plane glue stunt

Ex-Paralympic champion James Brown climbed on to a British Airways plane at London City Airport.

Chris Whitty awarded honorary doctorate by University of Plymouth

England's chief medical officer has been recognised for his support for the research community.

Covid Updates for Devon

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BBC Front Page News

Lorry driver shortage: Temporary visa scheme to end on Christmas Eve

Ministers move to bring in overseas workers as disrupted fuel deliveries lead to queues at petrol stations.

Tamworth Snow Dome: Boy, 12, dies after injury during activity

His death is "almost beyond belief", the ski centre's management says, as an investigation begins.

Germany elections: Merkel backs 'bridge-builder' Laschet as successor

The outgoing leader strongly endorses her party's candidate Armin Laschet in an unusually tight poll race.

Labour conference: Sir Keir Starmer forced to drop leadership rule change

The Labour leader is hoping to get the party's conference to back a watered-down package of reforms.

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