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BBC site with tips on using the web - beginners guide to the internet
Blender is a free, comprehensive animation package. It is quite complicated - but does everything! Good luck!
Computer Manuals - UK mail order computer book specialist
This website seeks to give a way into the wealth of government data (UK Public Sector information and data) which government are opening up for reuse.
A free package which provides a wonderfully simple and quick way to convert ordinary pictures into images suitable to either email or put on a website. Note if you are using this system on this site make sure that you have cropped the images square first!
A quite extraordinarily good free package to manipulate photos and graphics. A must if you are putting photos on your Microportal. (Photos must be reduced to 40k max for the main picture and 4k max for the little ones!)
Information about the entire range of Microsoft's software - operating systems, productivity software, games, reference, development tools and more.
A clever system that corrects your computer clock. It uses an atomic clock which is accurate within 1 millionth of a second - sufficient for most people! It comes back periodically to check that you are still right. If you use this system you can be sure that the time shown at the top of you Microportal is right.
UK-based organization provides low-cost computer systems with assistive technology for individuals with special needs.
Computer news,products and jobs
This site tells you what your computer's number or IP address is. This can be very useful.